Welcome to Our New Website

If only the covid-19 story was a fantasy. Had you painted a picture 7 months ago of the challenging reality we find ourselves facing we would have said, Impossible! No craft shows at all in 2020, 1 million victims and an endless stream of suffering, economies in turmoil and about to be pummelled by a second wave. Alas we all have personal tales of how we've been affected.

On a personal note it's been Grandpa and Grandma to the rescue as we help our children and grandchildren. We are blessed to have them all living nearby in Hamilton so we can be there when the kiddies are sent home from school sick, or Mom and Dad (three of the four are school teachers), need a break from the unique stresses of the present school reality

On a positive note, the break from travelling and selling our wares has afforded us the freedom to explore many opportunities we rarely have time for. More time to create special designs in our Studio, a small but successful landscape and design business for Shelli, @inspiredgardensbyshelli, a community garden plot that Shelli tends like a Zen gardener while donating all of the wonderful organic produce to a local food bankcatch up on all the home Fix-It plans I've ignored for years and the time to pursue my passion for wilderness canoeing and camping. That's a lot to be grateful for.

Guessing how the next year will unfold is a fool's game. We hope that some sense of normal returns. We hope to see you at some shows next year. The truth is that we love our travels across Ontario, setting up shop in a beautiful park, and reconnecting. Forgive me for delving into politics, but I hope our southern neighbour slows its descent into chaos with an unfit captain at the helm

Lastly, I hope that in its wake this pandemic will leave us all a wee bit kinder, more resilient, and appreciative of what we are capable of when we work together. Well, enough of my meanderings. Let's bring out the bubbly and celebrate the launch of our new website. It has been a labour of love. We hope you like the new contemporary look and the simple access to our work

Take your time and see all of our latest designs alongside many of the old favourites you've come to love.

As a token of our appreciationwe are offering a 10% discount on all purchases over $100 until December 1, 2020! Please enjoy our latest offerings.

All the very best,

Mark and Shelli